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When we’re facing big decisions about the future, we often rely on the help and support of others. Seeking different perspectives, impartial advice and more information can allow us to answer those big questions in new and better ways. This is no different when you’re...

At Family Mediation North East we've written a blog explaining how separated couples can sort out their property or finances disputes in family mediation.

Parents are often in dispute about children’s maintenance following their separation or in other circumstances where there is a lack of trust. The mediation process can help parents share relevant information and make the best decisions for the children.

So you’ve separated from your partner. What happens next? A quick Google search brings up hundreds of websites, blogs, articles – how do you know what is good advice and what is not?

Death, moving house and divorce are among the most stressful life events you can go through. The pain of separation can be very similar to the rollercoaster of grief. Relief, guilt, failure and freedom are just some of the many feelings you may experience when your rel...

Going through the emotional journey of a separation or divorce is tough. Then when all the practical issues that you face are considered such as where to live, what is happening with the children and who is paying the mortgage, it can become overwhelming. Family mediat...

Legal advice is not given in a mediation process but it has become more common for the services of solicitors to be “unbundled”. Instead of a solicitor receiving instructions to act on your behalf and charge at the solicitor’s hourly rate, many solicitors offer a fixed...

For a financial settlement to be binding it is important that you both disclose to each other your respective financial positions. This would be the same whether your settlement was reached through mediation, through solicitors or through the court.

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