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Not a lot is known about family mediation and there are lot of confusing myths that exist around mediation. We've written a blog to dispel some of those myths and provide more clarification as to how mediation can help separated couples.

Family mediators can train to consult with children. This offers children the opportunity to share their wishes and feelings to inform the mediation process.  Child inclusive mediation can take place if both parents and the child are willing and the child is about 10 o...

Parents are often in dispute about children’s maintenance following their separation or in other circumstances where there is a lack of trust. The mediation process can help parents share relevant information and make the best decisions for the children.

Death, moving house and divorce are among the most stressful life events you can go through. The pain of separation can be very similar to the rollercoaster of grief. Relief, guilt, failure and freedom are just some of the many feelings you may experience when your rel...

Legal advice is not given in a mediation process but it has become more common for the services of solicitors to be “unbundled”. Instead of a solicitor receiving instructions to act on your behalf and charge at the solicitor’s hourly rate, many solicitors offer a fixed...

July 24, 2017

Monday 9th April 2012 was the day my parents decided to separate. The date of their separation will always stay with me because questions suddenly arose concerning whether my sisters and I would still be able to live together. This dramatic turn of events had several r...

A report published this month by the leading charity Gingerbread states that parents and children are being let down by the current Child Maintenance System.

The report entitled ‘Children deserve more’ details how loopholes in the Child Maintenance Service (CMS) mean th...

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