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September 3, 2019

Our clients often tell us that separating can be stressful – but that mediation was able to help them move forward and sort things out. Often this is because we offer a comfortable, calm, place to plan a way forward. In contrast to trying to sort things out on your own...

When we’re facing big decisions about the future, we often rely on the help and support of others. Seeking different perspectives, impartial advice and more information can allow us to answer those big questions in new and better ways. This is no different when you’re...

Settings are always important; from movie sets to office spaces, where we do things is almost as key as what we do there. Often people’s first question when enquiring about our services is where we are, it’s a question we’re always proud to answer as we offer a service...

When you are attending a mediation session it’s key that you prepare yourself as the process can be difficult, but rewarding as it provides a unique opportunity to make lasting successful arrangements. Below are some of our tips about preparing for mediation, through...

September 10, 2017

Relationship breakdown is an emotional time for the whole family and can lead to difficult family disputes. But what happens when grandparents are stopped from seeing their grandchildren? As part of Grandparents Day Family Mediation North East would like to share how f...

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