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As mediators, we come into contact people at a vulnerable time in their lives. This can be as a temporary or a permanent situation. Some of our clients are temporarily vulnerable due to the pain and grief of a separation. For others who were already facing challenges s...

It is Adoption Week so Family Mediation North East have written a blog explaining how adoption issues can be resolved in family mediation.

We are strongly committed to ensuring that survivors of Domestic Abuse have the same opportunities as anyone else: good quality information which enables them to make decisions about the best way forward for them and their families

As well as dealing​​ with your own loss, parents have the task of protecting their children from conflict and limiting the damage that separation can cause. There is a strong body of research that concludes if parents want their children to have good mental health afte...

As Family Mediators, we are often seeing you at one of the most stressful times of your life. Maybe you are still reeling for the shock of a recent separation. Or, after getting along well with an ex, something changes and conflict erupts.

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